What Type of Roof Do I Have?

Not all roofs are the same

What type of roof do I have?

Why are there different roof types?

Different Roof Styles

The varying designs, styles, and shapes of roofs exist for a few reasons. One is to accommodate the needs of the structure they are covering. As well as for the amount of snow and wind and rain in your part of the country.

Some of the most primary needs that a structure demands from a roof are protection from the weather. Design compatibility with the existing structure. Space for internal elements such as piping, electrical wiring, ventilation, insulation, and sometimes 

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Gable Roof:

Gable roof designs are one of the more simple styles when it comes to roofs. The gable roof looks like an upside down V. Gable roofs are not ideal for areas with high wind. Because they can catch the wind much like a sail would.

Flat Roof:

Flat roofs are common, especially with commercial buildings. Flat roofs are definitely the most simple roof to build because they have little to no pitch. The most common types of roofing systems used with flat roofs are rubber roofing systems.

Hip Roof:

Hip roofs are a common residential style roof. This type of roof is more difficult to construct .hen compared to flat roofs and gable roofs.

It’s because they have a more complicated truss and rafter structure. A hip roof style roof has four sloping sides with zero vertical roof lines/walls. Hip roofs can be both square and rectangular.

Gambrel Roof:

The best way to describe a gambrel roof is by saying barn roof. The gambrel style roof is most used on barns. But, it is also used in residential construction. This type of roof has the benefit of providing a good amount of space in the attic. In fact, it provides so much extra space that it is often turned into bedrooms or other living areas.

Dutch Hip Roof:

The dutch hip roof is a hip roof with a small gable at either end. The gables can be for ventilation.

Shed Roof:

A shed roof is a flat roof but has more pitch. It often used for additions on homes or other roof styles.

Mansard Roof:

The mansard roof is a French design and is more difficult to construct than the hip or gable roof.

Butterfly Roof:

The butterfly roof is not a roof style used often. The style provides plenty of light and ventilation. But is not the most effective when it comes to water drainage.

Winged Gable Roof:

The winged gable roof varies from the tradition gable roof. It varies by extended outwards from the peak of the roof.

A-Frame Roof:

This type of roof is very popular for churches, cottages, homes, and other structures. The roof acts as both the roof and the walls for a structure.

Folded Plate Roof:

The folded plate roof has limited use in single-family homes. It looks like a series of small gable roofs placed side by side of each other.

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Different Styles of Roof Types

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Your roof protects you and your family from the elements. It’s important that you choose the best professional roofers Regina has to offer.

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